A Few Favorite Tools

When it comes to choosing garden tools a few well-made, nice looking, easy-to-care-for basics with only the occasional decorative accessory serve most gardeners well.

A flat-bottomed spade, a garden fork, a steel rake, a narrow bladed hoe, and a leaf rake are my long-handled tools, while loppers, hedge clippers, and hand pruners take care of most cutting and trimming chores. Add in a couple of trowels and hand weeders and your set.

But beyond these basics, there are a few tools and pieces of garden equipment that really come earn their value.

Two-wheeled garden cart

Sturdy tarp or leaf tote

Pick and Trim snips

Watering wand

Five gallon buckets

Sun hat

Leather gloves

Knee Cushion

Seed starting tray

And my personal favorite the no bend weed remover.

No matter how large or small your garden may be sturdy basics are always a good investment.