The benefits and importance of spring cleaning in your home

The benefits and importance of spring cleaning in your home

Introduction to spring cleaning

The process of spring cleaning in the house is great as it gives you the opportunity to open the windows, let some air in and eventually makes your homes neat and tidy. The best part of spring cleaning is that it does not require much time although it may look daunting.

Some important features of spring cleaning

It includes deep cleaning of all rooms of your house

Tub, bathroom and toilet cleaningbathroom, tub, bathtub

Counters of kitchen, cook top, and floor cleaning.

It also includes washing countertops and all interiors of window and walls are not included

Removal of trash of your cans which are placed outdoors

You will be provided cleaning supplies from pros.

Time taken in spring cleaning

It usually takes four hours to do spring cleaning. You can cover four hours by two people working together or one person can work for four hours. As compared to normal cleaning spring cleaning takes almost twice the time as normal cleaning as it requires thorough cleaning of the surface. If you need more information about spring cleaning you can visit

If you are spring cleaning a single bedroom home it will take around 4-5 hours and houses with two bedrooms usually takes 5-6 hours. In the same way homes with 3 bedrooms will require 6-7 hours and a four bedroom home will take around 7 to 8 hours.


Reason for hiring a pro for spring cleaning

As a matter of fact if you have a very busy schedule it is almost impossible to find time to do regular cleanings. On the other if you get a pro to do spring cleaning of your home he will have the supplies and would also know how to finish this task quickly and perfectly. The benefit of getting a pro to do this job is that you can continue with your regular schedule and can still enjoy your beautiful and clean home.

Tips for spring cleaning

One you have decided about the type of approach you will going to have you can start the process of cleaning. That is not all as you still need thorough plan in order to get the things done smoothly. Here we will discuss about some of the procedures which will be of great help to you in spring cleaning. You can go to of you want more details about deep cleaning.

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Create a list

You should make a list of all the things you would spring clean this year. Following this you should group the like task like washing screen of windows and sides of your home etc. This will make it convenient for you to move from one task to another and you do not have to think which task to take next.

Make a team

It would be wonderful if your family is able and willing to contribute in the task of spring cleaning of your home. In case you are single you can bring in your friends to help you and you can help them in return. After this you can distribute the tasks according to individual’s ability.

Collect the supplies

You can probably gather the supplies for spring cleaning in the house at least a week in advance of this job. It may require visiting many different stores and you can do that a few days ahead of this task. You can also buy your supplies from sale if you had planned the spring cleaning in advance and avail the coupons of grocery. 


Plan in advance for time-consuming tasks

There would be some task which would consume more time. In such a scenario you need to set aside extra time apart from your schedule of spring cleaning. If in case you want to clean your carpets it will take at least a day or two for them to dry and it is obvious that you do not want to leave them when you are cleaning all the other things.

Try to focus on a single task at a time

You should not get confused when trying to do many tasks. You should give priority to focus on a single task at a time as attempting to accomplish many things at one go will only make you lose your track of what you are doing.

Try to be realistic

Spring cleaning is not a small task and it requires your hard work and sacrifice. You should realise the fact that when you put in hard work to a task it gives you a feeling of contentment. You also enjoy when you push yourself hard and accomplish your goals.

How to do spring cleaning in your home?


You can start with the cleaning of oven, followed by dusting of coils of the refrigerator. Then you can clean ceiling, walls, blinds and curtain. Eventually you can clean the dishwasher and garbage disposal. You can also get knowledge of deep cleaning at

Living are

Start with cleaning the ceiling and walls. Do the dusting of ceiling fan and shampoo the rugs.


You can start by rotating the mattress which can be followed by putting on the bedding for summers. Wash pillows, curtain and blinds. Do the sorting of clothes and shoes in the closet.


Update your first-aid –kit and try to remove the cosmetics and beauty products that have expired. Wash out the trash can.


You can start by washing the outdoor furniture and windows and can also do pressure washing of your driveway.


You need to work a lot to do spring cleaning in the house but you can manage it well by making a schedule. This will make your home free from dust and dirt and you will feel fresh and active. Do not forget to reward yourself and our friends who helped you to accomplish this great task of spring cleaning.