Home Gardening and Design: Gardening is not Just for Spring and Summer!!!  


Well it’s winter time as you know and you want to grow a garden.

Gardeners in the South and Southern California can choose from a range of plants — annuals and perennials — that prefer and grow in cooler temperatures and offer beautiful winter flowers.

 Annuals are exactly what the name suggests. Plants that grow, set seed, and die within a year. Some plants grown in northern gardens are treated as annuals. Although, many are truly tender perennials that can’t survive winter cold.

Here is a list of annuals to con consider:

Sweet Alyssum

little dorrit, alyssum, lobularia maritima



marigold, calendula, orange



Image result for honeywort plants


Sweet Peas


pea, peas, vegetables



Winter-Flowering Perennials

berry, culinary, delicious


Pansies and Violets

pansy, flowers, blütenmeer



lotus, pink, nature

Winter Jasmine

winter jasmine, small fresh, spring



Winter Honeysuckle

honeysuckle, plants, flowers


These annuals add color to a winter landscape.

Complement your winter flowers with attractive evergreens.