Fall Yard Care Done Smart


Fall Yard Care Done Smart


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Whether you want to increase the value of your home or you just want to create a clean and refreshing home environment, taking good care of your yard is vital. An attractive lawn is absolutely important for a beautiful home but when autumn leaves start to fall, an extra effort is needed to keep everything picture perfect. Get a head start on improving your home environment this fall with effective and smart garden and lawn care.

Simple Fall Yard Care you can Do


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Aerate the Soil

During spring, gardens and lawns come into full bloom but when it is fall season, plants start to store nutrients and energy to be ready once the season turns. This is the perfect time to aerate and fertilize since roots continue to grow and store energy even when the growth of above-ground slows down during the colder months.

When aerating the soil, push a border fork into the soil to open the air channels, especially in a compacted lawn. This process must be repeated every two years. This also helps in preventing the soil from being covered with thick layers of debris, stems and roots that often block nutrients, oxygen and water from reaching the soil.

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Do not Forget to Fertilize

Grass roots benefit from adding fertilizers so it gets enough amounts of nutrients to last winter. A shot of plant sugars can protect the roots from freezing and provide the energy the plant requires. Potassium is also essential at this time, as it adds to the growth of the root, as well as cold resistance, drought tolerance and disease protection.

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Use of Yard Waste for Composting

You can always turn your waste into a great soil builder by composting leaves, stalks, twigs, dead plants, grass clippings and most weeds. It often takes about six to twelve months to change most of the yard wastes into finished compost but it is worth it. For a more effective and faster composting, make sure to keep the pile really moist. Efficient composting is actually achieved when you mix the green materials such as the grass clippings, kitchen scraps and weeds with the brown ones like stalks and fall leaves. The compost is also an essential resource for garden beds and landscape as mulch or a soil amendment.

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The Importance of Water Conservation

When it comes to fall yard care, watering your landscape and lawn to keep it beautiful and healthy is an important component. However, over watering and high water bills are concerns that tend to link with this key step. Fortunately, there are many water conservation techniques you can do to protect your lawn while saving water and your money.

Properly trim or prune shrubs, trees and woody plants. This will not just maximize the health of the plants but will also minimize pest invasion. Use a blower or a broom instead of a hose when cleaning driveways and sidewalks. Loosening soil around the plants occasionally will help cut down on evaporation of water.

With these simple tips, you can always care for your lawn in a smart and effective way.